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  • Stealth

    The company does not need saving. Bad article. Article is using misinformation to make a false point.

    • I appreciate the feedback but the intention of the article was to highlight Nintendo’s struggle in the console market, if you read the article I do state that fact.

      As for the state of the company, they are in trouble. 2015 was the first time in four years when the company did not make a financial loss. Their shares have improved recently but that is due to Amiibos, DeNA (Who are yet to actually have a game on the market) and the prospect of the NX. If the NX does not succeed the company will be in trouble.

      • Realplaya

        I think you should do more research 2015 was not when they became more profitable. I assume you know that 2014 was was the year and even though the Wii U hasn’t lit it up they are no longer taking a hit. Oh yeah Zelda and any other game will keep systems moving. To say that Nintendo needs saving is a little overkill.

  • I was referring to the financial year which overlaps between 2014-2015. The Wii U may be making a profit now but the console is not selling. Why would people buy it now If a new console is coming out possibly this year? The PS3 and Xbox 360 sold millions of units once they reduced the manufacturing costs and that is how Microsoft and Sony made profits. If Nintendo invest millions of dollars into a new console and it performs the same was as the Wii U, they will have to drop out of the console race. I agree they make money from their games and, as I mention in the article, they will become a game developer instead.

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