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  • Andrew McMahon

    I have to disagree with anything under a 5 for this episode.

    • Jordan Baranowski

      My issue with it was that it felt like a very heavy set up episode. There were several big moments, but it seemed a bit disjointed.

      • Andrew McMahon

        Yea but I think that is why its a great episode. It didn’t need the action of Blackwater or Field of Fire to excite and entice me. It’s callbacks, jon and gendry’s your slim your short being so similar to Robert and Neds in episode 1, its character interactions and dialogue, and the ironic conversation between Gilly and Sam being the most important confirmations in the show and books history. I understand the time travel gripe but its much better than dragging things out, which is a huge problem in the books.

  • Shelby Royal

    But Gilly doesn’t get to finish her thought before Sam gets annoyed and cuts her off. So, they still don’t know who Rhaegar married. And, FYI, the main photo is pretty spoiler-ish. 🙂

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