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  • Riedy

    Considering next episode is already the final one, I think Eliot doing something bad that forces Chloe and Rachel to stay in Arcadia Bay is a pretty solid theory. Iirc the developers said that the final episode will be shocking and we know next to nothing about Eliot.

    • Andrew McMahon

      Its definitely interesting, especially based on the optional dialogue with Samuel and his notebook. I know they’ve painted Sera and The drug dealer who beats up Drew North (can’t remember his name) as the antagonists, but I feel like they are surface distractions. Plus the fact that Chloe only mentions Eliot in a passing mention in Life is Strange is somewhat suspect, almost like she wants to forget about him entirely, something maybe spurred on by a bad memory or thing that he did.

  • Dainsleif_10

    I don’t trust him either. They were making him like the new Warren but there’s something really off with him after talking to Samuel and reading his poems. They were really missable scenes but I don’t think Deck Nine would just put it there without reason. I am also intrigued about Samantha and her fate in this game. I have a feeling Nathan did something bad to her in the end.

    • Andrew McMahon

      This is the interesting thing about a prequel is having the perspective of know who is around in the sequel and fates that would be a lot more questionable otherwise. I dont know if what he could do would be to bad or it might have been something that (logically speaking) would have been brought up in the original. In regards to Samantha she is definitely the most interesting character when it comes to not having any presence in the original, considering how she could have effected Nathan positively. To be fair there is a pretty big gap between the games so she may have just moved away.

  • Meowr

    Hmmm.. I think I’m the only one who actually likes Eliot XD Mainly because he’s not pushy like Warren. But he’s definitely a bit creepy following Chloe around, and Chloe has the option to choose and say that he’s creepy in his mesage board. The part about “You are about to die” though I think refers to the alternate timeline from old LiS where Chloe ended up on a car crash and wanted to commit suicide, so in her dream in LiS 2 her dad also warned her as well. I do also agree that Eliot will have something to do about Rachel’s disappearance because he hates her, maybe try to hook her up with Frank, or be the one to poison her instead of Nathan, or invite Mark Jefferson over to Arcadia Bay lol? I dunno, we’ll see.. can’t wait!

    • Andrew McMahon

      I liked Eliot at first, he just felt like an awkward kid who’s crushing on someone and cant take a hint (I have been there lol). This episode put things in a different perspective for me though. Credit to Deck 9 for creating some subtle intrigue in a prequel series in which a lot of people wondered what the point of it was considering we know everything that happens because of Life is Strange

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