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  • Tera Jade

    The manga after this one was out before this article was published.
    Sonic cooked the monster cell before eating it, and it gave him no power, only the runs.

    • Andrew McMahon

      hahah oh boy thank you for the correction, I can’t wait to see that adapted in the anime…on second thought maybe I can

      • yoshi

        It seems that you are pretty outdated.., even garou doesn’t stand a chance against saitama in the “original” manga. He just beat him without having a hard time at all.., he doesn’t even use his full potential.the only intesting fight so far is his fight with tatsumaki.

        • Andrew McMahon

          Ill have to look into reading the Manga. Ill admit I just recently got into one punch man and I my source for this article was a Dark Horse press release.

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