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  • Lady de Selby

    What exactly is wrong with the story? You said it’s tonally jarring, “bonkers”, “bizarre” and “dark”, but you provided no explanation as to why those things are bad. I don’t know why journalists keep treating games’ stories as footnotes and, instead of reviewing them, describe them shortly and hope you instinctively get why it’s “bad”.

    • Remy Monken

      I talked about the game’s story in the last two paragraphs of my review. I pointed out an example of what I thought made Sine Mora EX’s story tonally jarring relative to the setting and gameplay:

      “The first mission ends with an anthropomorphic buffalo grimly describing how one of the pilots responsible for his son’s death was currently in prison for rape. I don’t know these characters yet, I don’t know this world, but suddenly I’m being tasked with carrying out the vengeance killing of an unarmed rapist currently serving time in custody.”

      The game treats its story like it was an afterthought. Just blocks of text thrown in next to static images that barely relate to the action of the level. Shmups do this all the time, but normally when you’re looking at a plane shooting at robots, you aren’t suddenly confronted with grim narratives about the rapist that killed your son.

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