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  • Clamp

    This news is like a thunder stiking form above, but it does’nt make any damage. Three weeks in this crazy spisnning word is like blinking of a eye. I hope, that they fix everyhting what was reported.

    • Getting struck by lightning can be rare but from what I know, thunder strikes have yet to occur on this Earth. Despite all that, I understand what you mean. I certainly don’t think the additional 3 weeks is a big deal. I certainly would rather have a delay with little to no issues off the bat.

  • Noizy Bird

    Man, i was making place on my HDD to play that game. and now i ave so empty hard drive:) I belive, that CIG want just be sure, that everythings works in 100%.

    • Yeah, I completely agree. I prefer the delay for a more polished product

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