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  • These podcasts are great but they are the longest running podcasts as well. Have you tried my podcast, MarkWHO42 – The Doctor Who Podcast, which also airs on Krypton Radio (Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi) 4 times a week? We have interviewed guests such as Sophie Aldred (this week in fact), Andrew Cartmel (at least 2 times), Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Dominic Glynn, Simon Fisher-Becker, and the list goes on. We also give the latest Doctor Who news, and review the episodes as they come out, and that time is coming closer each day. Please give us a try, and maybe post another article on the best new Doctor Who podcasts (though we have been around for 3 years now but compared to the ones you listed, that is new)!

    • Oh yeah, we also run panels at conventions in the Florida area. We will be at Space Coast Comic Con in September and Time Lord Fest in Tampa in October with many more to come…

  • Shameless plug for our Doctor Who podcast –

  • Sorry to hear that you don’t enjoy DW: Podshock. I’ve been a fan since around episode 75, and I’ve always found it enjoyable. Admittingly, I joined in 2015 as a co-host and, as one of them, please know that we have nothing but admiration for Doctor Who.

    Please know that I respect your comment/review and only wish to give my personal take on how I’ve viewed and/or been involved.

    All the best in 2016!

  • Joseph J Capriccioso

    I thought The Real Whovians Cast was the longest running podcast on Doctor who? I guess I was wrong. You learn something new everyday.
    771 Episodes and counting.

  • Rob Irwin

    I think trying to rank Doctor Who podcasts is impossible, honestly. There’s way too many of them out there in general, let alone they come from so many different countries where different presenting styles (can) resonate quite differently.

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