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  • Turquoise

    I agree that this episode definitely did not have the last week’s “Bury Me Here” episode. First, you mentioned they overplayed the Sasha-Rosita conflict — but remember, Rosita, even self-admittedly, latched herself onto men as her “protectors” while she learned and gained from them and found an opportune moment to move on, but Abraham wasn’t like that. But I distinctly remember on the opening season episode of Talking Dead, that they dropped a hint that Abraham would have a big storyline this season, so I guess this is it. My opinion about this whole Sasha-Rosita suicide mission? I hate it. I love Sasha, I love her character, I love her emotional range and dynamics. Rosita on the other hand has pretty much been a one-dimensional character to me, until recently in her reaction to the death of Abraham. She’s a great fighter and strong woman and a great supporting character, but the show just hasn’t devoted much in the way of storyline to her. Her rage and revenge-mode lately hasn’t been appealing at all but rather foolish IMO. She’s venting her frustration in all the wrong ways, and fast becoming the weakest link in our group. At this point, there’s no telling where the season will end, but Rick needs to give her a reality check. Besides, Sasha’s value as a shooter for the team is invaluable, and I’m super disappointed that she’s sacrificing herself for Rosita’s mission and/or leaving the show. One thing I can say about Sasha, we’ve been with her through some deep losses, time and again, and I really appreciated how this bonded her and Maggie in a way that made them unique from everyone else in the group. They have lost the most since the group has been together, and their kinship was refreshing — we talk often of the bromances in the group, but what about the sisterhoods? But I understand that this is setting Maggie up for a big role that she will play in the Hilltop (if we’re going according to the comics). This will also explain Gregory’s behaviors. I felt that the scene between Maggie and Darryl was great, but I expected to see a more emotional display from Maggie — being pregnant, hormonal, newly widowed, and having to confront the reality of what actually did cause her husband’s death. The scene between Maggie and Jesus was good too, I love how he’s fast become incorporated into the group — his role is definitely important later on. I’m sad that there’s only two episodes left of this season – it feels like this second half has flown by too fast. And then there’s a wait until Fear, what will we do until then?

  • Turquoise

    Okay I posted before but apparently it didn’t save. Here’s the long and short of it:
    1. Maggie Daryl scene, great, but I expected more emotion from Maggie. She’s held it in, but she’s pregnant and yes that does cause excessively emotional hormones, so they don’t have to overly do it, but Maggie’s human just like everyone else. Right now, she’s superhuman.
    2. Sasha-Rosita Suicide Mission — I hate it. Sasha’s the best shooter on the team, and losing her will be a huge loss to the Survivors. They need her when they finally go up against the Saviors, not sacrificing herself for someone else’s hotheadedness. I’ll miss SMG if/when she leaves.
    3. Sasha-Rosita bonding — Okay, I guess this fulfills Scott Gimple’s promise that Abraham would have a major storyline at some point in the season. I feel that Rosita’s character, although a great supporting character, has really beelined for some rogue behaviors lately and she needs a stern Rick talking-to when she gets back to town. I’m sure that he would not appreciate her continually putting the group’s safety at risk or jeopardizing their rebellion by taking preemptive strikes on her own, especially when they fail. Now Sasha’s caught and she’s free to what, brood some more? Patience is a virtue, and ever since Negan’s been introduced she’s shown none of that.
    4. Jesus continues to be a great character.
    5. Drawn out? Yes to an extent, but you know what that means, something major’s coming up…..

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