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    How old is that figure! SC has made well over 80 million dollars from backers. Just typing Star Citizen in youtube will reveal hundreds of walkthroughs of ships, hangers, Arena Commander gameplay and development of the game can be followed weekly by watching the ‘Around the Verse’, ’10 for the Chairmen’ ‘Meet the Devs’ and others too many to list. The FPS module is due to go on Alpha release soon which involves traditional & zero G combat including a mode inspired by Ender’s Game. This game iis beyond ambitious and is totally community focused. The cryengine tech is being pushed by ex-crytech developers in Germany while teams in the US and the UK work on everything from procedurally generated damage states for ships to the Squadron 42 story-game. And then there’s the persistent universe….

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      Krysta Thornton

      Thanks for the clarification Rich, I updated the article to 80m via grassroots efforts.


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