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    Robert Gittings

    If there is one great thing that could happen after all of the bad that Konami have been pulling, then its either Hideo Kojima making his own video games company free from the control of the patriots, cough cough I mean Konami or another great alternative would be Sony’s E3 2016 opening with Kojima surprising everyone by stating that he now with Sony Japan Studios.

    My heart want’s either of those dream scenarios to happen.

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      Chris Dumal

      After what Konami pulled, I don’t see Kojima going to another studio. Guy has enough clout and name recognition alone that he could launch his own studio and probably do just fine. That or do what the founders of Infinity Ward did which is start a new studio and do a partnership with a bigger company but remain independent. That or Kojima could go full indie like Suda51 and Grasshopper games and probably do just fine as well. I think he will be fine and the next game he announces is going to be nuts.


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