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    Ryan Griffiths

    If I recall Jack, Red Dead Redemption also had a multiplayer feature which was quite robust.

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    I wish it had Coop campaign + online multiplayer.

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      The Nerd Stash

      That would be amazing if it does offer both especially Coop ;)

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        I love coop, so I would be pretty happy with that

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    Is it even a good idea for a game so well-known for its strong singleplayer narrative to have a focus on its multiplayer component? And could the singleplayer suffer as a result?

    Are you just playing devil’s advocate? Or are you really this naive about the gaming industry? If so why are you playing the part of the expert and writing articles?

    YES! RockStar does a mostly traditional development paradigm but they have added microtransactions into their model. Without multiplayer they would have far fewer opportunities to generate revenues without those revenues your free content updates will disappear. The new content is used as a vehicle to sell microtransactions.

    Not having an online mode will insure RDR2 hits the bargain bin and is resold to GameStop as soon as the campaign is complete.

    Generally speaking development teams are split up to work on Single Player and Multiplayer for the explicit purpose of maintaining the highest quality on each. Just having more headcount on a development team doesn’t always equate to better quality.

    ^^ That last tidbit of information should not be news to anyone who is qualified to write about the game industry. Ideally you should be more informed than the audience and quite honestly this article doesn’t convince me you are. Furthermore the editor should be just as informed or more informed than you. I appreciate your passion, but passion without knowledge leads to hallow articles like this that offer no value to a marketplace that is saturated with gaming websites.

    So what is the real concern here? That the strong narrative that people have come to expect from the sequel to Red Dead Redemption might be diluted in favour of a multiplayer – or perhaps Rockstar will manage to work it in seamlessly. It wouldn’t be beyond their abilities, as their previous quality work can attest to. But don’t expect something like the original if there is a heavier multiplayer focus. It might be a
    sequel, but that doesn’t mean it’s just more of the same. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and even the lone gunman of the Wild West has to die some time.

    Am I missing something? RockStar is well known for their quality. Each title pushes the quality. If RDR2 manages to ONLY maintain what they did with RDR it would be a superb game.

    This entire argument is 100% strawman. At this point we only have 1 trailer and we don’t know jack about the game yet you are ready to put a nail in the RDR2 coffin because controversy generates web hits. Which brings me to my earlier point. Perhaps you should school yourself in this industry so you don’t have to rely on such weak op-eds to generate your web views.

    Now if evidence becomes available that RockStar are stretched and the Single Player campaign will suffer and the Multi Player is phoned in you would have a compelling article here. In its current form its a fairly useless red herring.

    Your grammar, spelling and general command of the English language is decent which is more than I can say for other gaming websites so kudos there.


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