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    I actually find myself in a reverse situation with the characters. I like Michael enough, but i found I really didn’t care for the newly introduced characters. So much so that except for Lorca I can’t even recall their names. Saru had already been established as the show’s version of Odo, and I like him, but I found myself not really liking the other characters, including Tilly who comes of a bit too comic-reliefy, and really does seem to telegraph the likelihood that she’s ultimately going to be a redshirt. I’m not writing the show off yet, but having only two characters I like (even though Martin-Green seemed like she was sleepwalking through this episode) is not good when it’s supposed be an ensemble. And I’m sorry – that Tribble is annoying. I did, however, like the line of dialogue that gives an excuse for why Discovery has dim lighting – out of consideration for its eye-injured captain.

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      Andrew McMahon

      Yea I can definitely see your point about Tilly. I just look at her compared to Burnham and I at least find some solace in the fact that she has a define personality, where as I still don’t know how I’m suppose to relate to Burnham. Especially after the majority of the show has been devoted to her story. Out of curiosity, what do you find yourself liking about her?

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    I found myself not liking any of the characters except Tilly. It’s hard to like Michael because she comes off as really bitchy. I don’t know what wunder abilities she is supposed to have that makes her oh so special. Why keep her around? I’m not sure what to make of the show yet.

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      Andrew McMahon

      I think Tilly could be very good for Burnham’s character, as it seems like they work well together as opposites. You are right that Michael does come off as bitchy, but honestly, almost everyone in this series does and I hate it. Rekha Sharma is an aboslute dick, not even giving her phaser to Burnham when they are in a precarious sitiatuion, Lt. Stamets not only hates Michael, but is also insubordinate in how he talks to Isaacs (even if his reasoning behind makes sense, it still just doesn’t fit what I imagine Star Trek values, I even think there is a specific creed Gene Roddenberry went by).

      Like I said in the article, Burnham, so far, has been a trademark Mary Sue (a few keynotes take from a reddit thread)

      -Right about everything
      -Spock’s step-sister
      -Only human to go to the Vulcan Science Academy
      – everyone she meets wants to help her even though she’s not remotely likeable
      – she quickly and effortlessly overcomes all obstacles including H2H combat with an armored Klingon warrior and a life sentence in prison (even if she insisted she wanted to serve her time, another “noble” sacrifice)

      Even Sonequa Martin-Green feels like a forced publicity stun.

      – First non captain lead
      – First Black lead
      – First female lead
      – Majority of the story focuses on her while other Star Treks focus on the crew as a whole (Though it has only been 3 episodes)

      Granted I’m not saying any of this is unmerited if someone has earned that the role and hits all those check boxes, but I saw Martin-Green’s performance as Sasha in The Walking Dead and she was just as bland in that. They’ve got a long road ahead of them if they stick with her in all honesty.

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        People are always asking my Spock never mentioned his adopted step sister. What would you say if you were Spock, “Um well yeah I have a moody step sister who is always right. Oh did I mention she was the first person in Star Fleet History ever to be convicted of mutiny? Also she was saved from her sentence because she’s super awesome and she won the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.” I wouldn’t mention her either if I were Spock.


          Andrew McMahon

          Hahahah “exceeellant”

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        While I’m discussing shows, heres what would have happened if the Orville would have discovered the USS Glenn.

        Capt Mercer, after seeing the mangled remains of the Glenn crew in the corridors: Hey is that Lt. Johnson. Yeah it is. See Commander, I always told you Johnson had his head up his ass.

        Commander Grayson: Yes, he shouldn’t have gotten so bent out of shape.

        Capt Mercer: Alaria contact the Orville and apprise them of the situation.

        Alaira: I can’t reach the Orville?

        Capt. Mercer: What?

        Capt. Mercer: Mercer to Orville…

        Lt Bortis over the comm link: Sorry captain, we were under attack by the Krill… again… while you were out playing on an away mission. We have sustained heavy damage.

        Capt. Mercer: Damnit I can’t even leave my ship for 5 freaking minutes without half of it being blown to bits.

        Alaria: *Blushes*

        Commander Grayson: Well thats what happens when you neglect something.

        Capt. Mercer: Oh we’re getting back to this are we?

        Lt. Malloy: Did you guys see something? I swear I saw something.

        Capt. Mercer: Are you back to drinking in the mornings again?

        Commander Grayson: I thought I saw something too but I wasn’t sure if it was that or the pot browner I just ate.

        Lt. Lamar: Oh snap, ya’ll see that Klingon over there. Is that mofo sushing us?

        Lt. Malloy: What the f was that thing?

        Capt. Mercer: Run bitches!

        Alaria: I got this, I can take this little puppy dog out with my pinky.


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