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The 90s: 10 Best Action Movie Stars

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Samantha Jacobs By Samantha Jacobs

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Ada Wong Harassed By ‘Fans’

Resident Evil 4 Remake star Lily Gao has become the latest victim of…

Emre Ozdogan By Emre Ozdogan

Quentin Tarantino Making Tenth and Final Movie

The end of an era is coming. In an interview with CNN…

Tristan Zelden By Tristan Zelden

Zoë Kravitz Cast in Superpowered Heist Thriller Feature

Coming off of working with Warner Bros. on Matt Reeves' The Batman, Zoë…

Tristan Zelden By Tristan Zelden

Warner Bros. Teasing Movie Announcements In September

Warner Bros. teases movie announcements in September with a trio of posts…

Malvika Padin By Malvika Padin

Cate Blanchett Announced as Lilith in Borderlands Movie

With the success of the Sonic Movie, the world will likely see…

Matthew Kowalski By Matthew Kowalski

Uncharted Movie Will Film Soon…Without a Director?

It appears that it isn’t that big a deal to have a…

Kabriel Hoover By Kabriel Hoover

Images From The Last of Us Animated Movie Appear Online

The hype train is slowly but surely chugging along as we get…

Trent Ryan Katzenberger By Trent Ryan Katzenberger

Pokémon: CoCo Teaser Trailer Released

The world has been a flush with Pokémon news over the past…

Trent Ryan Katzenberger By Trent Ryan Katzenberger

Ready or Not Review: Half Suburban “Get Out”, Half Movie of The Year Contender

Title: Ready or Not Release Date: August 21st, 2019 Studio: Fox Searchlight…

Damian Gordon By Damian Gordon