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    I definitely agree that this was a great episode, a nice change of pace from last week which just seemed to delay the inevitable. So, Sasha’s still alive, which came as a slight shock, but then again, maybe not. We’ve seemed Negan’s redeeming qualities multiple times since his introduction to the show. Even his most brutal kills, of Abraham and Glenn, were tempered by the idea that the group were only getting their just rewards for having killed some of his men, a tit-for-tat, and not even in comparison. (the Daryl rocket launching the snot out of those bikers is classic). Even still, we are still compelled to see his as the antagonist because he is in fact killing our Survivors. I see him almost like an antihero. I love his character, I love JDM’s protrayal of him most especially, and frankly, I think there are worser things still in post-apocalyptic world that we haven’t seen brought to life quite yet. His behavior in fact reminds me of Augustus Caesar — the Roman emperor who enacted strict laws that everyone, down to his own daughter, were mandated to abide by. (Ok,history lesson over!) We might see Negan’s society and rules as seemingly strict and excessive, but are they? Perhaps Negan has grasped something that Rick has only hinted at using — the idea of ruling with no sympathy. He took those guns with no sympathy. He threatened to take over Alexandria from its residents with no sympathy. Do we feel more for Rick because his group is smaller, tighter, and more like a family? Because he has children to look out for too? Murky waters…..
    Dwight’s introduction goes as planned, and even though I have some idea of what his role will be in the future from the comics, I still say beware…
    I’m still wondering how far Gregory will go to ensure he remains leader of the Hilltop. I know what he does in the comic, but the fact that he approaches Simon and *almost* rats Maggie out…well, that leads me to wonder how far this will actually go. First and foremost, I think we know firsthand that Negan is not in the business of fixing anyone else’s power control issue — and I don’t see him harming or hurting Maggie to satisfy Gregory’s desire to remain in power. He’s not the hitter that does everyone else’s dirty work. In fact, if Gregory’s not careful, he may find himself on Negan’s chopping block for his weakness in handling his own business (RIP Spencer). So, with that being said, I definitely think Gregory’s going to make a powerplay next season, and I think he’ll suffer for it. There has been a lot of setup in the last season or two to place Maggie into a leadership role, so that has to come to fruition at some point. It’s all a set up for (I hope) the Brave New World that we’ll eventually witness our group create. That is, after they *finally* take down the Saviors. How easily or readily that happens remains to be seen…..
    I’ve been long-winded I know! Here’s my final thoughts to your final thoughts — “A whole lotta people still gotta die” — one, Sasha. Didn’t she seem disappointed that all Eugene gave her was some pills? I think she wanted to go out with a bigger bang, make one final attack against Negan first. As she said, “go out with a point to going out”. She’s definitely going though, I don’t see any way around that. #2, some walkers. #3, someone else major? but who? Carol? (please no) Morgan? He’s still got his “tick” going, and I love it — you can practically see the crazy cogwheels turning in his head….Let’s not lose him either please? Besides, there’s a whole triangle revolving around Carol with him, Daryl, and Ezekiel that needs playing out. Rosita? Serves her right. Hard heads make a soft you-know-what.


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