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    BuddhaCat RPOG

    Another wonderful article, Keiko. As far as predictions go it’s so hard to Tell. Honestly it could go so many different ways. The show has already done multiple things that has disappointed me as both a fan of the comics and fan of the TV series, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something less than spectacular or something for the pure “shock value”.

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    I just read/saw the comic-con comments made by Andy Lincoln regarding his departure from the show, and frankly I’m devastated. I had heard a rumor that Rick was going to be killed off/die, and I refused to believe it until now. But this news about Lauren Cohen? I just don’t see how the show can be sustainable without these two characters. I also read the comics, rather, I’ve been binge reading the comics for a while now, and I’m into the latter issues, the NWO and the Commonwealth storyline – where Michonne decides to stay. I thought we had adverted this kind of dramatic departure from the group in the TV series b/c of the Richonne relationship because surely she won’t leave her beloved. But now, who knows? I can’t see Michonne leaving. We NEED Danai/Michonne on this show, on TV period. I could *possibly* accept Rick or even Maggie going to a different community and occasionally visiting – IF they will make guest appearances. But to totally lose these pivotal characters, esp. and most importantly Rick Grimes, just makes my stomach turn over. First Carl, now this? I just don’t see how the show will have any spark left. Sure, there are many other interesting and loved characters and storylines to pursue, but the driving point of the series was to see the lengths and depths that Rick Grimes would go to in order to ensure the survival of his immediate family (first) and extended family group (second). Without that, if survival is no longer the MO of the show, then what is it? Don’t get me wrong, I love, LOVE Daryl’s character, but as a leader? He’s always been the right-hand man, Rick’s “pitbull” as I call him, and I just don’t see him coming out of that shell to be leader of the whole group. I know that with this new story arc, the time jump and the newly established communities, it may seem like survival is no longer a concern, and from reading letter hacks and other comments, I know that many feel the same about the comic storyline, but I still see potential for many many nemeses and challenges to become present even in a world trying to rebuild itself, even with groups that are well trained and well prepared to handle the revived dead; so the “sinking ship” theory that I’m hearing doesn’t sit with me at all. I NEED this show to survive. (read that as many ways as you want)


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