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    First, the Talking Dead aftershow reveals the Savior’s name is Gunther. Befitting, no? But in all honesty, he reminded me almost exactly of Jim Carrey’s pre-Joker character in Batman Returns. Same goofy, desperate brown-nosing underling looking for the right angle to get the edge up on the boss. Can’t you see him pushing Negan out the window of a 10 story building when Negan tells him his efforts don’t count, and can’t even remember his name properly? Yup, me too.

    Jerry’s Rambo-Berserker slaughter of Gunther and the Saviors was a definite highlight for this episode. I was actually very afraid that he was killed somewhere, so that was a relief! That gun was devastating to the Kingdom Comers, the carnage of how those bullets ripped them open is probably one of the most gory scenes of human massacre this series has shown. But it will be awesome in the possession of the Survivors.

    I was devastated by the loss of Shiva. I understand this follows along with her demise in the comics, but I also know the show has liberty to change things as needed. I thought maybe they would reconsider killing Shiva. I didn’t like the reference to Ezekiel as a con-man. I honestly don’t think anyone in the Kingdom was conned into believing he was an actual king. First of all, pre-apocalypse, there are very few true monarchies left, especially ones that would have had Ezekiel’s old-timey English accent be the common tongue for the people. So let’s be real – the Kingdom Comers enjoyed living in the Kingdom because it was like living in the Renaissance Faire while trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Nobody was conned by him – they chose safety and survival over practicality and reality. Nothing wrong with that at all, I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed living or at least visiting the Kingdom frequently if I were part of this world. The idea of Ezekiel as a king is just a small part of what the Kingdom is about. More than anything, they are about what the three other groups are about – survival as a community. They just have a unique twist. Negan is the leader of his group, Rick of the Survivors, and Gregory/Maggie of the Hilltop. I think Ezekiel should’t feel depressed or down or that he conned his people; instead, he should be proud of having been able to lead them, keep them relatively safe, make choices for them that kept them alive and out of harm’s way. True, his losses are more than anyone else’s have been in this war so far except the Saviors, but there was really very little that could’ve been done about this, and to take it personally would be the unjust punishment. He is more than just “some guy” he is an awesome that deserves kudos for all those speeches he gave. Sure, we heard quite a many in these past few episodes, but this is what makes Ezekiel great as a character. For a zoo worker, he has a great ability to motivate others.

    Carol as a one-man enemy stopping machine was great as always. She is just awesome. ‘Nuff said.

    Rick + Darryl against the Jeep Saviors? awesome action sequence.


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