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  • jones kayo

    Ian McShane is one of my favorite actors, GoT is my favorite show. I can’t wait to see the two combined!

    • Agreed! Season 6 will be one for the books. (Pun intended)

  • Saily Flinto

    Major plot lines are set but the scripts weren’t written until after the blowup. This could have still had some impact on the writing or revisions.

    • We are hoping that it will be an epic season and I am sure it will be!

  • roddy hilton

    Maybe Jon will come back as a Whitewalker?

    • I have heard rumors that this is what will happen! Stayed tuned and we will have more news on this soon!

  • daniel jack

    I just love hearing GOTs rating because they are insane !!!! Abnormal for a tv show on a paid channel!

  • Waiting desperately to see Jon Snow in this season.
    Who will resurrect him, any idea?

  • ricky donal

    jon snow was a big part of game of thrones and them killing him left me in total disbelief.they need to find a way to bring jon back from the dead.we love jon,without him the show to me just lost its excitement!

  • Wow! One day left for Episode 2 and still I am hoping it will bring my favorite Jon Snow Back!

  • Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

  • Kill the boy, Jon Snow!”. Yeah kill that fucking little prick Olly as soon as you can. Possibly throw him off the Wall with Thorne. Can’t wait to see their faces when they realize Jon came back!

  • this season of game of thrones is really fun to watch

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