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  • Armando Alphonse Landrian

    No, Mass effect was a decent game but it could never change the world like Star trek did. If EA was more hands off on it, it may have been something grand.

    • Andrew McMahon

      I whole wholeheartedly agree that Mass Effect doesn’t hold a candle to the way Star Trek revolutionized not only the industries it was a part of, but storytelling in general. The only thing is that for me personally, I’ve never had a Star Trek that I felt personally connected to, as even enterprise was on before I watched any Sci Fi and hasn’t entirely aged well since its run, a problem I have with the others as well. Their was a shot with the movies, and to an extent I did enjoy them but they are limited to action oriented stories to be told in about 2 hrs, and arent given the time and scope that a television Star Trek could. That could all change with the upcoming series on fox, but for me Mass Effect has embodies a lot of the elements of Star Trek that I know trekkies loved the original series for.

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