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  • Vader82

    I hated the new Metal Gear because it went open world, I prefered the linear mission structure. On the other hand Breath of the Wild has benefited massively because of it.

    • Andrew McMahon

      Are you talking about the latest Metal Gear Vader82? If so its funny you mention that because that was the first one I played – not sure why I didn’t play the series in its prime, more into platforms I suppose – because of the reviews and that aspect of it really turned me off of it as well. I think it works so well in Breath of the Wild not only because of the care they took with building the world, but also the foundation Ocarina of time provided for it. They are interesting takes on the open world element too, as they are both linear and non linear in their structure, with BoTW having far more freedoms than OoT, at least from what ive seen

  • Fonzie Batman

    So right. Ubi needs to switch up the formula. Worst offender though has to the original Mafia. Remember driving around town in those slow-ass 1920s cars? You had to obey all traffic signals or the cops would get on your case. Like going through driver training without the fun of being a 16 year old and your first time behind the wheel.

    • Andrew McMahon

      I can understand the concept of it but their needs to be some awareness on their part that it is a video game and not Euro Truck Simulator

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