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  • Turquoise

    Good episode IMO. It’s always nice to see our group have opportunities to be fun, whimisical, and enjoy life. Definitely loving the Richonne romance too! But I think the “say yes” theme permeated the entire episode. Rick repeatedly asked Michonne if they could stay gone just a few more days (and she repeatedly said no). Rosita, in her way, asked Rosita to join her on their apparent suicide mission to kill Negan, and Sasha countered by asking if she could take the shot — Rosita said yes. Tara finally said “yes” to herself to tell Rick about Oceanside. Jadis says “yes” to Rick’s counteroffer of searching for more guns. And most importantly to me, there was definitely a proposal/nuptial exchange between Rick and Michonne (YNB wasn’t the only one who caught it!) where he asked her for a lifetime commitment, and MIchonne says yes! These pivotal interactions between the various characters seem small and insignificant at this point, but will undoubtedly snowball into a major plot twist or turn later.

    • Yeah, certainly a lot of “yes’s” going around for this episode. Are you excited for this Sunday’s “Bury Me Here?” Any predictions?

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