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  • Matt Campbell

    That’s not Varian that’s King Llane, Varian’s father. I’m not sure, but I don’t think Varian was even born yet when this movie takes place.

    • You’re right ! My bad, I guess I had Legion on the mind 😛

      • It’s for sure not Varian, but I’m pretty sure it’s Anduin.

        • Matthew Campbell

          No, it’s King Llane. Google it. This movie takes place in the original Warcraft RTS. I’m fairly certain that Varian wasn’t born yet, and Anduin is Varian’s son so he for sure wasn’t born yet lol.

          • Anduin Wrynn (Varian’s son) is named after Anduin Lothar, pictured above. You’re thinking of Anduin Wrynn, who is indeed not alive yet. Anduin Lothar is a very prominent figure in the events of the film, and is also the protagonist of the movie.

          • Matthew Campbell

            I stand corrected. You’re right.

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