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    Jack Smith

    Amazon needs to add voice identification like Google Home before they do anything else, IMO.

    We have both the Echo and the Google Home (GH). In the kitchen now one of my kids asks for a song to play and it plays from their Spotify account and me I get YouTube Red. It just is smart and knows.

    But the biggest plus is for home automation and controlling who can do what. So my kids can not lower the AC. So when they ask no go and me and wife it does what we ask. No passcodes like the Echo which is rather ridiculous, IMO, as people just overhear.

    Better is our guest can do some things in our home and not others. They have zero clue as I always hated having a passcode as it was obvious we did not trust them to do things like turn up the hot tub. Now they have no idea they can not. If they did ask when we are not around they have no idea why it does not work.

    Amazon needs to add this to the Echo, ASAP.

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      Andrew McMahon

      Very interesting to hear Jack, thanks for the input. I haven’t heard much about Google Home, but I also have Youtube Red and thus Google Music so GH sounds a lot better than Echo, especially with the automation and control you mentioned. Would you say their is anything your Echo does better than Home?


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