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    I was sorely disappointed in the lack of faithfulness to the original story, one of my favorite Elseworlds tales. This was not Gotham by Gaslight and titling it that was misleading. Batman vs. The Ripper would have served well enough. The identity of Jack goes against all that is holy (spoiler alert, see Detective Comics #27). What’s next, a Batman: Sword of Azrael adaptation with Alfred as Biis? I suppose at this point, translating the great Batman one-shots (see The Killing Joke) means sacrificing the nuance of the story to add extraneous ill-conceived shock-factor exposition to lengthen run-time. So disappointed. I could name quite a few well-done qualities from the film, but my inner Bat-fan doesn’t allow it at present. Bruce Timm, how could you let this happen?

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      Andrew McMahon

      Couldn’t agree more. The Jack reveal was where I gave up the hope of being anything more than disappointing with the film.


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