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    Totally agree. The movie was excellent and the errors were nothing large enough to take away the excitement I felt the whole way through.

    Those jump scares were on point haha

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      Thanks for commenting Phil. I know right? I tried to shrug it off as a sudden cough instead of being startled.

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    The consistency from comic to film was gross. The story line, if you can call it that, was forced and awkward . Another 30 minute explanation of how these iconic characters came to be; WE KNOW ALREADY. Read a book if you have questions. Wiki is there for you. I’m pretty sure you can find their backstories on a subreddit by now. Movies like this aren’t there to get you up to date. They are there to tell a specific story because enough people like them and they are already entertaining. Jesse Eissenburg should never have been Luthor. Ben does not equal Batman. Harville is my favorite Supes so far and Man of Steel was amazing. I had hoped the same quality had pored over this feature. It was not. Oh, and “Easter eggs” are supposed to be subtle content that reveals information about later events. Hacking a program and getting all the eggs in one basket was pathetic. And where is the Martian Manhunter? The Flash was Hispanic? Not that I care about race or gender but I don’t remember Flash ever being Hispanic. As a minority myself, I find it annoying that companies are doing this to try and appeal to us just so we will buy the product. I like the characters the way they are. Stop changing them. Screw diversity if all you are going to do is a cheap remake of a character instead of actually taking the time to make your own and pretend it’s for our interests rather than a marketing agenda. I’m sorry but the movie sucked. In many ways.

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      Chris George

      Kalani, even us here at The Nerd Stash are very divided on the film. One of our other writers put together a very interesting round table discussion which you can read here.

      I didn’t mind the little back story again because even though these characters are so known, it’s always a first for someone. Especially when we are looking at a brand new take on the character. I agree that you can pretty much find anything on wiki but I much rather enjoy the tone it sets seeing on film.

      Ezra Miller was actually born in New Jersey. His father is Jewish and his mother is from German & Dutch ancestry. So to my knowledge he is not Spanish unless I’m misinformed. In any case I’m sure you can wiki it to double check.
      I appreciate your input on the film, it’ll be interesting to see how Zack Snyder moves forward with the Justice League from here.

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      Ezra miller isn’t hispanic haha he’s white with brown hair..and who the hell is harville? Do you mean henry cavill? You’re criticisms are just silly and not even accurate

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    This is by far the most intelligent review of the film that I’ve read yet. I believe that like ‘Batman Returns’ this film is going to be completely reevaluated for the positive.


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