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    This isn’t about butt-slapping or oversexualized characters, it’s about censorship, and that is NOT ok! I couldn’t give two asses about the Street Fighter franchise, fighting games were never my thing, but if we let them censor the little things, they will think “Hey, if we can censor X then why not go the extra mile and censor Y too?” I don’t want to live in a society that thinks it’s ok to stop us from being creative and should hold back on account of a selected few who probably won’t even play the game anyway. Do you think people living in countries ruled by dictatorship think “Boy oh boy, those people from other countries sure are a bunch of losers, with all that freedom of speech and stuff. They don’t know the pleasure it is to be whipped in public for badmouthing our glorious/ruthless leader!” I know how it feels to live in a country ruled by a dictator who censored everything that went against his way of thinking, and it sucks!
    “Having R.Mika’s infamous butt slap removed is but a single step but a positive one.” No! No, it’s not! If anything, that’s a step back. Maybe two! I’m 100% pro strong female characters, but removing unique traits of beloved characters to get a point across is total bullshit. People who support censorship in any way, shape or form should just go to hell!

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      Chris Dumal

      I get your enthusiasm man but at the same time this isn’t censorship by a long shot, it’s editing. Self censorship does not exist and if the creators want to remove something its their right to do so for whatever reason they find it ok to do so. On top of just because somethings been a part of the franchise for so many years doesn’t mean it has to stay. If something was sexist or objectifying and in there for 15 years all that means is there was something in there that was sexist or objectifying


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