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    Looking forward to see some of ’em appear on PS4 eventually. The four seasons mod on pc looked pretty good. I hope to get more of an emphasis on the survival aspect of the changing seasons the lone wanderer will be dealing with; more need for water and light clothes & tactical gear in the summer due to the impending heatstroke. When snow starts covering everything under a white blanket, the player should be enabled to respray his/her gear to blend into the scenery a bit more. Regulated eating and sleeping could reward players with more temporary perk benefits. I’m already playing it on survival difficulty and loving it! Some of those legendaries were mad crazy… Until I crashed one of their own vertibirds right on top of their own squad of four. More heavy combat armour and lots of hq weapons for my brave boys and girls :) Didn’t know the gunners mercs fly vertibirds as well up until today.. Can’t wait for the DLC.


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