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    AFTH Podcast

    Really great review! You have a lot of the same views as we do!

    I felt really bad for Travis in this episode. As for Chris, I don’t think he is going to be that easy to get rid of. He may not be with the other bros anymore, but I don’t think this is the last we will see of him.

    As for Alicia and Maddie, I really loved that scene where she finds out her father actually committed suicide.

    If you are looking for a podcast to listen to, maybe you could check ours out.

    We are Aim For The Head Podcast and we are an all things The Walking Dead Universe podcast. Below is our link so our libsyn page where you can find all of our episodes.

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      Chris George

      Thanks for the weighing in with your comment!.

      It’s tough for me to respond to this because I actually just watched both of the final episodes. I’ll have to respond more in detail once the finale airs.

      It’s nice to hear we are on the same line of thinking. I will be checking out your podcast for sure. Looking forward to hear what you have to say.


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