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    For anyone that thinks Glens the one who dies, no, Negan does not kill Glenn OR Daryl.

    Abraham is the one that gets lucilled. He is the one that stands up to Negan, and he knows that he is not scared of him, what do you do with someone when they know they will become a problem? You get rid of them.

    Abraham is tough he will not answer to Negan.

    Here’s a great fan site I’ve been using to get some survival tips when an apocalypse happens:

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    Fear was f*cken amazing this week, especially when we saw the dark side of Madison as she locked Celia in with the Infected :O

    My favorite part was when the mansion went up in flames, because now they’re all split up and it’s going to make the next second half very interesting. BTW, I don’t think Daniel is dead.


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