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    Val Quinn

    I’m so shocked that I haven’t heard of this series before now! I was a huge fan of Soul Eater while it was still publishing, and the anime is still one of my all time favorite anime series, so I definitely need to dive into the manga before the anime comes out! I’m really happy to see that we’re getting so many cool action-based series lately though! Have you heard of Freak-Quency? It’s an action series that I’ve been following for a while now that’s really impressed me. It’s about a popular RPG that is banned because a large number of its players have gone missing. The main character discovers that her brother was one of the people who have disappeared, and finds out that the only way to figure out what happened to him is by picking up in the game where he left off. But the game is now being played in the real world, so every battle she participates in is life threatening. It’s one of the most interesting and exciting ongoing action series that I’ve seen, so I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t read it already!

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      I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that one, no. I’ll definitely have to look into it. Thanks for the recommendation!


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