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    Jimmy Boy

    Wonder how much of Nintendo’s resources are going into DLC, Switch development, 3DS development, and mobile development. Unless they had a mass hiring recently (they didn’t), then they’re going to spread themselves very, VERY thin- it’s why Wii U suffered the game droughts because Nintendo can’t pump them out like they could for Wii when they’re developing for so many platforms

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      Matt Eschbach

      That’s true. And producing dlc for existing games means less resources for new ones. The difference with the Switch is, there are more developers pledging third party support for the system, so to a certain degree, Nintendo has slightly more breathing room. Though we’ve already seen a list of some games planned for the Switch, and there’s a lack of Nintendo’s better-known franchises compared to previous consoles. If they were smart they’d pour the bulk of their manpower into the Switch and worry about 3DS second.


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