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    Lee Mastroddi

    What a flimsy spin you are giving this. Yes, it has made money, but 40% of it is from China. It’s a picture for them, although their money is as good as anybody’s. If you look at just the domestic numbers, you’re talking about a movie that cost $175M that grossed $122M in 24 days. Saving Private Ryan did that 20 years ago in the same amount of time – and that was a 3-hour R-rated adult drama released when there was no 3D, Imax, Dolby Cinema, reserve seats, etc., and it stayed in the top spots for a while (and it even came out in the summer). BUT it was also in 1998 dollars, so adjusting for inflation, Ryan did in 12 days what RPO took 24 days to do. It also went on to be the biggest hit of 1998 and won Oscars. Oh, and A Quiet Place, made for 17 million, has already outgrossed RPO. Someone’s working overtime to make sure people perceive this as a hit. It didn’t tank like Tintin or BFG, but it’s no Jurassic Park. Take away the China number and you have a very tepid reception.


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