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    Ameya Vinayaraj

    Spider-Man PS4, God Of War, FF7 Remake, TLOU 2 and Kingdom Hearts III. I need to see release dates and gameplay footage from these amazing titles at E3 this year, please oh please! Such a freaking amazing lineup, PlayStation is really doing brilliant for itself. Cannot wait for June, totally staying up late for the whole livestream.

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      Don’t forget there’s also Media Molecule Dreams. They delayed the Beta last year, and I can only imagine they are going to show up on E3 with an epic demonstration. Then there’s another game named WiLD by Michel Ancel. However I’m actually hoping to see more new first party titles. Otehrwise after 2017 it might become a little dry XD

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      Tori Morrow

      Agreed, this is a really strong lineup, and seeing some release dates is a MUST this year! Their conference is going to be jammed with some great titles.


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