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    I keep seeing articles about why the Wii U failed. Bad messaging. Poor announcement. The marketing wasn’t good enough. But what I rarely see is that the system just wasn’t what people wanted. Because it wasn’t.

    I own a Wii and love it. But I also moved away from the Wii because of all the things that it didn’t offer, specifically the 3rd party support of major games. Yes, I love Mario games and Zelda games, but as I would eventually discover, I enjoy sports games and shooters and every other game maybe just a bit more. I enjoy having a device that I can use as a DVD player. Oh, and if it’s also a blu-ray player all the better. And in the end, after seeing the Wii being abandoned by every publisher, I felt burned by the time the Wii U came out.

    I sometimes feel like the smartest person on the planet because I keep seeing on game sites that when the Wii U was announced, nobody knew what it was. “Was it just a Wii accessory??” Well, I understood it from the beginning and all I could think was I didn’t want to get burned again like I did with the Wii. Yes, Wii Sports was great but after that there was… nothing. So I had a Wii that went unused while there was a PS3 with great looking games coming out every week… plus it played cds, dvds, blu-rays, and everything else. It really did do everything. So when Wii U came out what could it replace? Well, nothing really. It provided Nintendo games, but that wasn’t enough.

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      Ryan Griffiths

      Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on the matter.
      I hear what you’re saying; I had a similar experience with the original Wii, thinking “The games will come…” and they never really did. I felt a little hurt and didn’t adopt the Wii U until it literally became a necessity, and even then I only use it to play Smash Bros.

      I also understand you when you say you already knew what the Wii U was when it was announced. For the majority of us that grew up playing games and followed E3 that year, sure; we knew it was a console, just horribly marketed.

      Many of people who bought a Wii didn’t come from a gaming background, and the Wii was marketed as a family console. Those people are probably less likely to be clued up on the latest hardware and it clearly played a part in the consoles failure. I wouldn’t say it’s the only thing, but it certainly didn’t help any :)

      Thanks again for commenting & taking the time to read my article.

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    The Switch is repeating most of the mistakes the Wii U did.

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    I think Nintendo went to panic mode when the Wii suddenly stalled when they were on Cloud 9. The Wii plunged down on its 4th year and their bodies weren’t ready.
    Then they tried to appease share holders with a quick fix – capitalize on the tablet craze.
    Also Nintendo was not ready for HD game development and struggled.Remember they were lambasting Sony and MS early foray into HD games. “Why go HD when we can still make money on SD with the Wii.
    Such arrogance got the better of them.

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      Also instead of making a true nex gen console with Wii U yhey tried to free load on the current multiplatform games the PS3 and 360 were sharing while said multiplat 3rd party devs are already moving to PS4 and Xbone games.
      Nintendo was too late and far behind.

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    I still see a traditional Nintendo today.
    First party exclusives first, third party second prioritization.
    Which proved very unsuccessful compared to the PlayStation -the exact opposite principle- third party partners forst then first party will follow.
    Completely different business models.

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      Ryan Griffiths

      Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts in this article.

      You make some good points in your comments. I agree that the Wii had it’s moment in the sunlight and then it started to sink (probably due to the lack of games that catered to the core gaming market). The Wii U was clearly intended to emulate the early success of the Wii.

      I bet Nintendo will always kick themselves about the original Playstation ;)

      Thanks again for reading my article!


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