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  • I totally geeked out when I saw what appeared to be Mira Forrester in that scene! Glad someone else had the same thought.

    • Sadly, I’m the only one in my watch group who knows the game, so I had to get all excited just in my head. But as soon as she popped on screen, I lit up. Hope there’s more from the Forresters.

      • no way! I thought I was the only one who saw the girl in the middle as Mira Forrester! I totally freaked out and was super excited to see that the game and show connect.

        Great review by the way, hopefully GOT keeps it up with this season.

        • Thanks! And we have plenty of Telltale Games fans around here it seems.

  • I was so glad this episode focused on the Starks. When will I learn how to change my face?

    • Same. I love what’s happening with Sansa and up on the Wall this season. Arya is showing some promise too. And soon, Danielle, you will be no one.

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