Xalavier Nelson Jr. Talks About El Paso, Elsewhere During E3 2021

Day Four of E3 2021 is coming to a close. With all of the AAA titles out of the way,

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Super Robot Wars 30 Comes to Switch This Year

In one of today's E3 2021 streams, Bandai Namco revealed that Super Robot Wars 30 will be coming to the

Sidharta F. Rasidi By Sidharta F. Rasidi

E3 2021 Nintendo Direct Showcase Recap

Earlier today, Nintendo closed out E3 2021 with their Direct, and they did not disappoint. From Legend of Zelda news

Shelby Royal By Shelby Royal

WarioWare: Get It Together Launches on Switch This September

Everyone's favorite villain-turned-purveyor of zany microgames is back in WarioWare: Get It Together, Nintendo announced today as part of its

Tom Bardwell By Tom Bardwell

Advance Wars Reboot Camp Moves Out in December

Advance Wars fans were losing hope after the success of the three latest Fire Emblem titles: Three Houses, Fates, and

Sidharta F. Rasidi By Sidharta F. Rasidi

Metroid Dread Launches This October for the Nintendo Switch

With Nintendo Direct for E3 2021 well underway, Shinya Takahashi and Yoshiaki Koizumi presented a variety of trailers, including one

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Shin Megami Tensei V Unleashes This November

After three years of waiting, RPG fans can now breathe easily. During the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct stream, the first

Sidharta F. Rasidi By Sidharta F. Rasidi

Breath Of The Wild 2 Caps Off Nintendo’s E3, Gets 2022 Release Window

Two years after its announcement back at E3 2019, Nintendo capped off its E3 2021 Direct with a brief update

Taylor Cole By Taylor Cole

Kazuya Mishima Joins the Fight in Nintendo Direct E3 Smash Reveal

Nintendo has officially announced the reveal of the newest fighter to join the ranks of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Grant Johnson By Grant Johnson

The Legend of Zelda Game and Watch Announced at E3 2021

Recently held during their E3 showcase, Nintendo unveiled lots of new information. With more DLC on games already in players'

Adam Alvernaz By Adam Alvernaz

ELEX II Announced By Eurojank RPG Powerhouse Piranha Bytes

Slapping a stamped and sealed confirmation of what most fans already expected, developer Piranha Bytes and publisher THQ Nordic revealed

Tom Bardwell By Tom Bardwell

Tails of Iron: Grim Redwall-Esque RPG Adventure Releases This Year

Few storytelling voices in this world are so talented and divine that your ears feel as if they're basking in

Ethan Webb By Ethan Webb

Eldest Souls: Boss-Rush Soulslike Releasing Next Month

Now that Elden Ring has received an official release date for January next year, the Internet's hype has already skyrocketed off into

Ethan Webb By Ethan Webb

Freedom Games Digital Showcase Recap for E3 2021

Indie publisher Freedom Games has fostered a growing library of charming and riveting indie titles that provide players worldwide with

Ethan Webb By Ethan Webb

E3 2021: Announcements from the Capcom Showcase

Capcom's E3 2021 announcements showcase for this year was pretty solid. Capcom fans have remained enthusiastic due to a few

Sara Ruark By Sara Ruark

Try the Monster Hunter Stories 2 Demo This June 25

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will be getting a demo on June 25 for Nintendo Switch, Capcom announced

Sidharta F. Rasidi By Sidharta F. Rasidi

Monster Hunter Rise 3.1 Title Update Arrives June 24

In today's Capcom E3 2021 Showcase, the company has announced that the Monster Hunter Rise 3.1 title update will be

Sidharta F. Rasidi By Sidharta F. Rasidi

Action-Adventure ‘Soulstice’ Set for 2022 Release

Playing as a sword-wielding badass is always fun. But what if you could double that power? In this title, you

Juan Ortiz By Juan Ortiz

Dog Shelter Simulator ‘To The Rescue!’ Launches This Fall

With day three of E3 2021 packed with indie announcements, Freedom Games had their window to present some new titles.

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Halo Infinite Details Multiplayer Features and Battle Pass

Continuing on yesterday's Halo Infinite multiplayer reveal, today 343 Industries has just dropped a closer look into the additional features,

Sidharta F. Rasidi By Sidharta F. Rasidi

Minute of Islands: Uncover the Mystery of the Islands on PC and Consoles

Like Stella from Spiritfarer, there is something inherently magical about a determined young heroine voyaging across the seas on a quest

Ethan Webb By Ethan Webb

Silt PC: The Eldritch Waters Available for Exploration in Early 2022

With over eighty percent of our planet's oceans still unexplored by humans, we can only leave it to our dark imagination to

Ethan Webb By Ethan Webb

E3 2021 Square Enix Showcase Recap

Earlier today, the Square Enix showcase for E3 2021 updated fans on projects from Marvel to Final Fantasy. Below are

Shelby Royal By Shelby Royal

Tinykin Coming Out in 2022: Small Solutions for Big Problems

You can't deny that commanding an army of tiny and cute creatures is anything but satisfying. That being said, Tinykin is the

Ethan Webb By Ethan Webb

Slime Rancher 2 Releases for Xbox Series X|S and PC Next Year

Slime Rancher 2, the sequel to the original (and adorable) slime collecting game, will be released on PC, and Xbox

Jacobi Reddix By Jacobi Reddix