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    Michael Palmer

    I agree to the above said commentary. Although I feel it is lacking in it’s entirety. There for one have a place to store your loot or dismantle it for scrap,xp or something to that effect. Also the author did not mention if you do play co-op there is no saved data for everyone but the host. So I have been experiencing the same missions time and time again online with no progress of my own. Not to mention the kill an enemy over 300 plus meters just pops up on my friends account without even engaging in combat for a 20 minute loot this town idea we thought of. This game also filled with bugs from as said above floating objects, falling through the map, and even getting glitched in an area were your mate has to use a field radio to get you out. I have over 30 years in gaming. 1000’s of games across multiple platforms. Just to give you an idea that this rant wasn’t misplaced.


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