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‘Gross’: The Internet Weighs In After Spicy Scene Between Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega Goes Viral

Wednesday Addams took "dance, dance, dance with my hands, hands, hands" too…

Taylor Mansfield By Taylor Mansfield

Jenna Ortega Not Returning for Scream 7, Reportedly Unrelated to Melissa Barrera Being Fired

Two of the final girls in the new Scream lineup are gone.

Tristan Zelden By Tristan Zelden

‘Beetlejuice 2’ Casts Jenna Ortega and Sets Release Date

Beetlejuice 2 has officially added Jenna Ortega to its cast and set…

Eddy Skripko By Eddy Skripko

Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega Slammed For Saying She Changed Lines

While filming "Wednesday," Jenna Ortega changed lines to suit her character and…

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The Weeknd To Make Movie Debut Alongside Jenna Ortega

Very vague details have been shared about The Weeknd's movie debut which…

Uzoma Chinaka By Uzoma Chinaka

Jenna Ortega Admits Being Nervous Ahead Of First SNL Hosting Gig

Jenna Ortega's SNL hosting debut comes up in a few weeks, and…

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Aubrey Plaza Is Open To Collaborating With Deadpan Lookalike Jenna Ortega

Aubrey Plaza and Jenna Ortega have been making headlines with their presence…

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Jenna Ortega Shows Her Toned Abs in New Adidas Spot

Jenna Ortega shows her toned abs for a new Adidas ad. What…

Remy Carreiro By Remy Carreiro

Jenna Ortega Thinks the Viral ‘Wednesday’ Dance Could Be Better

Dancing in a scene of a non-musical can latch on to fans,…

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