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5 Lord of the Rings Races That Need Their Own Game

Lord of the Rings has way too much lore for these races…

Nickolas Davis By Nickolas Davis

The Official World Map For Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria Has Been Revealed

With art direction like this, it's gotta be better than Gollum.

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Embracer Group Lays Off Staff & Closes Studios; Focus on LOTR Moving Forward

Embracer Group has expressed plans to drop studios and issue company-wide layoffs,…

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New Lord of the Rings MMO Being Developed by Amazon

A few years ago, Amazon announced it was canceling its Lord of…

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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Releases its Story Trailer

It's been quite a while since we got some news of the…

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Netflix Pitched Marvel Approach to ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series

Amazon Studios ended up spending over $700 million between its budget and…

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Fortnite leaks hint at an upcoming Lord of the Rings collaboration

Fortnite leaks have always been known for hyping up new content in…

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Embracer Group Acquires The Lord Of The Rings

Embracer Group has been on a purchasing spree recently, and the latest…

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Rings of Power First Look Released by Amazon Studios

Lord of the Rings is a classic series that multiple generations can…

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Amazon Releases New Trailer For The Lord of the Rings Series

Amazon Studios has officially announced the title of its forthcoming Lord of…

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