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Valorant Update 7.12 Patch Notes Detail Agent Updates and More

Which update are you most excited about?

Nat Collazo By Nat Collazo

Valorant Leak: New “Outlaw” Gun Is Being Added to the Meta

Nobody asked for a new sniper, but we'll gladly take it.

Chase Richardson By Chase Richardson

Valorant’s New Smoke Changes Have Made Pro Players Furious

Not everyone's liking the new smoke.

Victor Tan By Victor Tan

Is Sunset in the Valorant Competitive Map Rotation? – Answered

Since the release of Patch 7.04 on August 29, many Valorant players have questioned…

Mykel Bright By Mykel Bright

Valorant Sunset Map Hands on Impressions Mid Battle Bonanza

It’s been clear for some time that Riot Games is committed to…

Alex Gibson By Alex Gibson

Leaked Valorant Movie Details Claim a 2025 Launch

Valorant fans are in a frenzy after a recent leak revealed plans…

Bobby Houston By Bobby Houston

Valorant Premier Beta Reportedly Coming Back in July

If you missed out on Valorant's first Premier beta, fear not. There's…

Tristan Zelden By Tristan Zelden

Valorant Console Playtest Is Starting Soon, Job Advert Confirms

Valorant enthusiasts can commit their gaming hours to a learning experience with…

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Valorant Agent Deadlock Leaks Forces Early Trailer Showcase

Oh, dear. Riot Games will be frustrated that information about its upcoming…

Alex Gibson By Alex Gibson