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    I’ve hated Grace since her inception (I really liked Orlin but I understand most issues people had with him) but this finale made me okay with her to a point. I really loved the scene where Nora talked to Grace in her mind and got her to take the cure while both sides of her uncle tried to convince her to do either thing. In that regard, I think the finale wrapped up both plots to a satisfying degree and I truly do think this may be my second favorite season of the show. Season 2 is great and all but I really think it gets too muddled under its own timeline mythology for its own good and Zoom becomes laughably bad by the finale.

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      Taylor Cole

      My main problem with Orlin was unfortunately with Chris Klein. I think he played the character too much like a cartoony villain and it hurt any scene he was in for me. Yeah, that scene was pretty cool too, but again I thought the cure consent stuff was handled poorly.

      Now that it’s over, season 5 is probably right up there with 3 to me. 1 and 2 were amazing. 3 and 5 were good. 4…I don’t think it should ever be mentioned again outside of “Enter Flashtime” and the crossover. I actually really liked Zoom at the end of s2 lol. He really had this Carnage vibe about him and I thought it worked.


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