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  • Corporal Quesadilla

    This is ridiculous. The pirated version is superior. I’m am going to ask steam for a refund now.

    • From what I could tell some pirated versions were installing bitcoin miners, so although I cannot condone the pirate ways (ahoy), I recommend the use of caution. I would say vote with your wallets, but it seems like most people already bought it a second time, some of them for the sole purpose of modding, which is now out of the way.
      I hope all of you in the same situation can get refunds.

  • FtDLulz

    What’s the problem here? That EULA was last updated October 2013, and is just there to cover their backs. It’s probably in pretty much every game’s EULA out there.

    • The problem is Rockstar banning players modding the singleplayer component, not pointing out the ban motives and when asked about it, they simply refer to the EULA.
      They weren’t swinging the banhammer on sp modders back in IV and then poiting them to the terms.
      Maybe they messed something up and will clarify it. If they do, then there will be a follow up article but until then this stands as the truth: Rockstar is banning players for using mods on SP and pointing them to the EULA where it explicitly states that you can’t mod the game. The same EULA you had to accept to download GTA V.

  • noko

    Very irresponsible article. Prone to misinterpretation, as we all saw on other parts of the internet.

    • It seems as though it was not a recent enforcement of the EULA, but false positives. That still doesn’t change the fact that people using the FoV mod were getting 16 day bans from online, but I’ve still updated the article. Here’s to hoping they figure out a better system.

  • Ace

    Personally I bought GTA for PC excited about the modding community. I have it for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. I think the key will be that I will create 2 versions of the game on my computer and not run the one with my network plugged in. I really am saddened by this turn of events.

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