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  • Rob

    I’m having issues where my leg armor appearance won’t change on my main character. I’m stuck with some plain pants. It “equips” the new armor but doesn’t change from the pants. Its preventing me from having a complete set.

    • It might be that you’ve somehow equipped the pants as fashion armor. While on your character’s equipment screen, press X and choose fashion gear. Anything equipped overrides the appearance of your actual equipment. If that doesn’t work, the X sub-menu also gives the option to unequip everything, which might take care of the problem.

  • Adam

    Ok here’s my issue, I cant start some affinity missions, the prerequisite have been met from my understanding, I’m currently up to chapter 11.
    Just unlocked nagi character yet cannot accept his affinity mission even though the only prerequisite is complete chapter 10??
    H.b the same
    Phog the same
    Yelv the same
    Im finding myself confused as what I need to do, I have abandon some normal quests, still have two trial weapons i could ditch after abandoning a normal quest, i just recently completed 2 affinity quests, so know im still locked in a affinity quest. any ideas

    • Based on what I’ve learned, your affinity with Nagi must be at least 3 hearts. I assume you mean the Reporting for Duty mission? For H.B.’s, certain other missions need to have been completed (he has a total of 3). and I think in Phog’s case, certain missions with Frye have to be completed for minor spoiler reasons. Affinity requirements are listed as a graphic rather than as text in the mission details. If you just recently unlocked Nagi that might be the reason.
      Have you started chapter 11 officially? You’re unable to do affinity quests during story segments. Some normal missions can override priority on affinity missions in progress, but they shouldn’t stop you from accepting them unless there are party member requirements.
      Let me know if you’re still having trouble after double-checking things. Having it happen for multiple characters most likely means that there’s either one specific thing that needs to be done or that certain necessary basic missions haven’t been done.

  • Adam

    Yes i think i understand what your saying, I have finished affinity level with hope.. No i haven’t started chapter11 yet. But with what I have learnt with finishing hope, I got lots to do with the rest of the characters… With no clear direction on where to start them.
    I’m going to finish up what normal quests and try to unlock the next affinity chains i guess. I’m just glad i haven’t really stuffed anything up, I think i have just missed an awful lot of side quests… I think. Thanks for the reply

    • Glad I could be of some help. Seems like 90% of the game involves stumbling onto things.

      • Adam

        I might keep going then, I have just unlocked Yelv and his affinity missions.has lit up near eleonora, arms and the man are the quest.
        I cannot start this affinity mission, requirements aren’t met, chapter 6 is done as i just finished chapter 10.
        How do i know get Yelv to the next affinity level. I know where he is located, and can invite him to the team, I’m assuming the affinity level?

        • It would likely be the affinity level that’s blocking you. Affinity can be raised by doing normal and basic missions with characters in your party and just generally doing stuff around Mira with them. Affinity raises kinda slowly so it takes effort. Post-game there are some missions that will give you 1/3 of a heart for doing them.
          It’s especially bad for me since I stubbornly refuse to ever remove Elma and Lin from my party except for their “heart-to-hearts.”

          • Adam

            I get you now… I’m paying for the abuse of Elma and Lin now. I level the rest to 30 for skell option and thought i was done. Thanks for the heads up.
            I now have a direction for my next 3 affinity characters… Cheers again.

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