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    The firing was perfectly justified. She made all the choices in how things proceeded. She chose to make a large post on a game she worked for on a public twitter account (that she could have changed the privacy settings on or just not bothered to respond to people if she didn’t want to). She decided to rudely attack a fan that saw the post and was being courteous to just try and discuss stuff with her. She decided to take his reply (even though he stopped after she rudely made it clear that she didn’t want to talk) and try touting it as some sexist thing (something that can ruin careers, especially a Youtuber who doesn’t have a massive following and who’s access to ANet’s partner program could potentially be in jeopardy). She decided to start lashing out at others who tried defending her victim (ones who were also doing so in the most respectful and none-confrontational way possible) and even continued attacking this guy who still never responded to her again (calling him things like asshat and continuing with this sexism narrative). And all of this was done while representing herself as an ANet dev talking about her work on GW2.

    ALL of this could have been avoided in a simple number of ways on her part, but she herself chose to tackle it in the most inane, abrasive, and toxic manner and has only herself to blame for how it ended.


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