Ghosts of Tabor Launches ‘WIPE DAY’ – AKA Patch 0.4.2834.12711

All soldiers have acquired permission to reload and stand by for the next Ghosts of Tabor update. Developer Combat Waffle Studios

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Best Free Virtual Reality Games for April 2023

Virtual Reality games are very compulsive. Every time we try one Virtual reality game, we find ourselves looking for more

Evans Karanja By Evans Karanja

Blade and Sorcery U12.1 Patch Notes

Since the launch of U12 for Blade and Sorcery, VR enthusiasts and gladiators have logged on to experience the latest

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Kizuna Ai Touch the Beat! Game’s Launch Delayed Until Late May

 Developer Gemdrops has recently announced that the launch of its VR rhythm game, Kizuna Ai - Touch the Beat,  is

Jacobi Reddix By Jacobi Reddix

Ghosts of Tabor Update 0.4.2651.11973 Patch Notes

Combat Waffle Studios is quick with the fixes as update 0.4.2651.11973 is deployed for Ghosts of Tabor. VR survivalists can

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Blade and Sorcery U12 Arrives with Incredible Changes

Ready your blades and magic, U12 of Blade and Sorcery has finally landed, complete with an extensive list of notes.

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Switchback VR is Available Now

Supermassive Games is expanding The Dark Pictures Anthology IP to the world of virtual reality. That's right, the haunting horror

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

BOSS FIGHTERS: New VR/PC Hybrid Game Coming to Steam

Developer Pixward Games is ready to open the floor for battle with their new VR and PC action game for

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Project: Nightlight Officially Launches on Steam After Delay

Developer Fringe Realities is delving into virtual reality with their Project: Nightlight title. It's a new horror title where interactivity

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

United Games Sets Release Date Fractured Sanity for March

Horror and virtual reality fans will come together for the new terrifying experience that is Fractured Sanity. It comes from

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Requisition VR Survival Mode Update Coming Soon

Developer Arcadia is still assembling new ways to kill off hordes of zombies in Requisition VR. Virtual reality undead slayers

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom Drops a Trailer

After its success with the TV show, Peaky Blinders became of the most popular old-time franchises. The series dropped its

Emre Ozdogan By Emre Ozdogan

GORN Slaughters Onto PS VR 2 This March

VR enthusiasts are very well-aware of GORN, the combative game from developer Free Lives with publishing by Devolver Digital. It's

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Killer Frequency Gameplay Trailer Tunes In Before Summer

Forrest Nash is looking to solve some problems while hosting as a DJ through the airwaves in Killer Frequency. A

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Hot Dogs and Horseshoes Patch 107 Notes

Today, the team at RUST Studios went live with the 107 update for their popular game, Hot Dogs and Horseshoes,

Jeremy G. By Jeremy G.

The Steam Awards 2022: Vote Now for Your Favorite Games

Players, critics, streamers, influencers, creators, and everyone in between, it's that exciting time of the year when we vote for

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REQUISITION VR Christmas Update 10 Patch Notes

When it comes to the holidays in REQUISITION VR, even the zombies have time to celebrate amidst the apocalyptic chaos.

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

The Best Meta Quest 2 Holiday Deals and Gifts for 2022

There's no doubt that the Meta Quest 2 VR headset is one of the best in the industry. Its wireless

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Play Steam Games in VR with GameVRoom

Have you ever wanted to play your favorite Steam titles on a VR device, but the game's not in a

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Final Fantasy 14 Gets an Impressive VR Mod Soon

We're months away from Final Fantasy 16, and RPG lovers always seek new to play. All the Final Fantasy games

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How to Preorder the PlayStation VR2: Release Date, Bundles, and, More!

Are you wondering how to preorder the PlayStation VR2 for the PS5? The PS VR2 is loaded with new features

Matthew Kevin Mitchell By Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Among Us VR and Iron Man VR Coming Next Month

Marvel's Iron Man VR was initially released on July 3, 2020, for PlayStation VR. And today, Meta announced that Quest

Omer Dursun By Omer Dursun

Townscaper VR Comes to Meta Quest 2 and PICO Devices

Developer Oskar Stålberg and publisher Raw Fury have brought the tranquil experience of Townscaper to the world of VR. The

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Mark Zuckerberg Changed His Metaverse Avatar

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is one of the biggest supporters of the Metaverse. The company, we know as Facebook in

Emre Ozdogan By Emre Ozdogan

‘Half-Life 2’ Fan-Made VR Mod Goes Public

If you are going crazy about the VR mods of the games you've played before, here's the good news for

Emre Ozdogan By Emre Ozdogan