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Does Dune: Part Two Have a Post-Credits Scene? Answered

The credits should have been projected on the sheer mass that is…

Tristyn Akbas By Tristyn Akbas

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Dune: Part Two Role, Explained

The answer is weirder than you think.

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Dune: Part Two Review – Long Live the Fighters

Now please let Villeneuve do Dune: Messiah.

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Dune Returns to IMAX for One Night Only to Build Hype for Part Two

See Dune on the biggest screen possible for one night.

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A Dune Messiah Adaption Would Make Paul Atreides the Perfect Villain

The world believed Frank Herbert's classic 1965 novel Dune to be unfilmable. The 1984 adaptation…

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Dune Awakening Announced at Gamescom 2022

Developer Funcom has revealed their newest games during the Gamescom 2022 Opening…

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‘Dune’ is Heading Back To Theaters After Earning 10 Oscar Nominations

Dune is headed back to theaters right after receiving 10 Oscar nominations.…

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10 Reasons Why Dune is An Overrated Movie

In his review for Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi epic Dune, Guardian film critic Peter…

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Dune Survival Game Gets Second Studio for Development

The Dune hype train ceases to halt. Denis Villeneuve's film adaptation received…

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Dune to Return to IMAX Theaters in December

Thanksgiving weekend is projected to be one of the highest grossing weekends…

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