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Xbox and Playstation Keep Playing Russian Roulette, Except Kojima Is the Gun

At least we're getting more bangers from Kojima.

Nat Collazo By Nat Collazo

Hideo Kojima Shares More About Death Stranding 2 Filming

The Death Stranding fans can't stop raving about Hideo Kojima's much-awaited project,…

Emre Ozdogan By Emre Ozdogan

Hideo Kojima’s New Game Titled ‘Overdose’ Leaked

Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming has reported that some screenshots from Hideo…

Danish Taleef By Danish Taleef

Hideo Kojima Keeps Teasing His New Game

It comes as no surprise that whenever a Hideo Kojima game is…

Julio La Pine By Julio La Pine

Kojima Productions Issues Tweet Condemning Fake News

The official English Twitter account for Kojima Productions issued a statement condemning…

Jacobi Reddix By Jacobi Reddix

Hideo Kojima Developed a Superhero Game, But Will Never Release

Over the years, we have seen many weird games from Hideo Kojima.…

Omer Dursun By Omer Dursun

Kojima Maintains Partnership With Sony Despite Xbox Deal

Hot on the tail of last night's announcement of a 'special' partnership…

Tom Bardwell By Tom Bardwell

Hideo Kojima Is Developing A Horror Game Called Overdose

Hideo Kojima, one of the producers of Silent Hill, is reportedly working…

Omer Dursun By Omer Dursun

Hideo Kojima Plans to Work on Video, Radio, and a “Radical Project”

Hideo Kojima, the famous game director of the Death Stranding and Metal Gear…

Masoud Kazemi By Masoud Kazemi

Blue Box Studios to Unveil Abandoned PS5 Trailer App on June 22

The conspiracy theories surrounding Abandoned and the mysterious indie studio making it,…

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