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  • Rich

    Few developers will stick their necks out and develop new game mechanics. It’s easier to rehash old ideas. When you look at the new technology being developed in Star Citizen (and really this is a game that just COMBINES lots of gamestyles, like FPS, space combat, trading etc.) you can see how much ground still needs breaking to take things to the next level. I think VR will force a rethink in terms of what good gameplay is and, like the Nintendo Wiii made playing games with blocky lo-res graphics acceptable again, it will be hardware, not software, that will bring the next big revolution in games design. As VR matures and the way we interact with games changes… VR gloves, tools, suits etc.. many new worlds of gaming opportunity will open.

  • Trevor

    I talk about this all the time with my friends. We don’t care about what games look like at all if they have good gameplay. Battlefront, failure. Divinity, awesome, even it’s graphics are still quite good. Diablo 3, amazing.


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