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  • Jon

    As I consider myself a male feminist, I for one applaud the rise of the strong, independent female protagonists in gaming. I actually have a collection of single-player games going back to at least the PS3 era featuring female protagonists. Of course all of the Tomb Raider games. The ill-fated but still highly entertaining “Wet”, Bayonetta, Heavenly Sword, Final Fantasy XIII (trilogy), and of course Horizon Zero Dawn. I’d throw in Last of Us; but even that game featured a predominantly male character with Ellie being the tag-along.

    • Andrew McMahon

      Holy crap I forgot about Wet!!!!

      • Jon

        Yup. A highly underrated game.

    • Fonzie Batman

      Great article. Ellie for Their Last of Us seems like the best bet for a new title soon. Also note the Halo series; Cortana is the second largest part of the story and wildly important to the universe

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