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    “I wanted to customize my truck and I wanted the open-world elements to give me something resembling an ozone polluting RPG.”

    Yeah, we haven’t had that sense Monster Jam Path of Destruction. It had a whole big custom car section with a ton of options. Also the thing about crusing cars, that’s a Feld Motorsports thing where due to “safety” they removed the crush cars from the racing and regular freestyle events, only bringing them in for the World Finals. While also making backflips a requirement in order to win freestyle.

    I got the game on discount and agree so far after only a few hours, it’s a mid tier game but a billion times better than the last 2 pieces of junk we’ve had before.

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      Paul Meekin

      That’s awesome I appreciate the context. To be honest the lack of crushing cars is sort of a bummer but doesn’t really hurt the overall game that badly I think.


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