Conquer Your Competitors: Top 5 Pro Controllers for 2023

Console controllers have been iterated upon to the point of near perfection, with each new version receiving fewer radical changes

Danish Taleef By Danish Taleef

Razer Announces Wolverine V2 Pro Customizable PS5 Controller

Razer has just announced a new controller called the Wolverine V2 Pro, which was made specifically to compete with the

Danish Taleef By Danish Taleef

PlayStation Announces New DualSense Edge Controller

PlayStation has announced its brand new premium PS5 controller, the DualSense Edge. The controller will be released on January 26,

James Bell By James Bell

Razer Unveils DeathAdder V3 Pro Mouse

Razer is a gadget manufacturer mostly focused on premium gadgets. Compared to others, the firm doesn't release budget gadgets with

Emre Ozdogan By Emre Ozdogan

Logitech And Tencent Teaming Up For New Gaming Handheld

Logitech is partnering up with the Chinese gaming giant Tencent to create a new dedicated gaming device that will be

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7 Tips for Finding the Best Gaming Mouse

If you're a hardcore FPS gamer, you know how vital your gadgets are for playing like a pro. With the

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Analogue Pocket v1.1 Beta Adds Open FPGA Core and Save State

Video game preservation is often an afterthought in the current gaming landscape. While in the modern age, the idea of

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This $25 Fake PlayStation 5 Can Do What Sony Can’t

PlayStation 5, which has been experiencing a stock shortage since its announcement in 2020, has not shown any signs of

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Diablo Immortal: Haunted Carriage Event Guide

Diablo Immortal players will want to farm Zone Events since, most of the time, they reward you with two or

Sidharta F. Rasidi By Sidharta F. Rasidi

Razer Launches Barracuda: Wireless Gaming Headsets

Razer announced the new Barracuda and Barracuda Pro, alongside a refresh of the existing Barracuda X. The new family of

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Wordle 336: Hints and Answer for May 21, 2022

Time for a new day of word-guessing in The New York Times' Wordle, an addictive game continuing to take the

Madison Benson By Madison Benson

BioWare Will Soon Let You Wear a Mass Effect Sentry Interface

BioWare is no stranger to merchandise surrounding its key franchises. With the successes of both Mass Effect and Dragon Age,

Shawn Robinson By Shawn Robinson

The Pokémon Switch Lite Special Edition Is Out Now!

Good news for Pokémon fans, as the Pokémon Switch Lite Special Edition has launched today from Nintendo, named the Dialga

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New MacBook Pros: Everything New in Apple’s Latest Pro Notebooks

Apple announced its highly-anticipated new MacBook Pro 2021 lineup at the Unleashed event today. This update was a big deal

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Everything Apple Announced at the October 18 Unleashed Event

Apple’s anticipated “Unleashed” special October Event was a huge success, and it certainly did not disappoint with announcements of new

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Airpods 3 Announced at Apple ‘Unleashed’ Event: Pricing, Updates, Features

Apple has finally unveiled the much-awaited AirPods 3 at Unleashed, the company's special event held October 18. The third-generation wireless

Wisdom Deji-Folutile By Wisdom Deji-Folutile

Valve Advises Against SSD Replacement in Steam Deck Teardown Video

Valve's upcoming piece of hardware, the Steam Deck, often receives many questions. As pre-orders are still queued for Q2 2022,

Adam Alvernaz By Adam Alvernaz

Analogue Announces Pocket Delay Due to Manufacturing

Manufacturing new devices within the last 2 years have been quite the challenge. As the global pandemic makes production very

Adam Alvernaz By Adam Alvernaz

All You Need to Set Up a Comfortable Home Office

In the last couple of years, the overall work culture has transformed a lot, and a considerable shift can be

Harry Thompson By Harry Thompson

Super Rare Mixtape Includes 30+ Indie Games on USB Cassette

With developers of all shapes and sizes looking for new players, indie publishers find a way. For Super Rare Games,

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Intellivision Amico Delayed Again to End of 2021

Sometimes things are just destined to be troublesome. That though is probably running through a number of minds at the

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Sign Up to Beta Test the New RGB Razer Zephyr Facemask

A whole year ago, many factories shifted from making common goods to producing personal protective equipment. The necessary production of

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Amazon Prime Day 2021: Best Deals on Gadgets

Amazon Prime Day is here again. And it is arguably every avid shopper’s favorite festival. If your dream gadget was

Dan Amankwah By Dan Amankwah

The Legend of Zelda Game and Watch Announced at E3 2021

Recently held during their E3 showcase, Nintendo unveiled lots of new information. With more DLC on games already in players'

Adam Alvernaz By Adam Alvernaz

Apple Spring 2021 Event Recap: Everything Announced

Another year, another Apple Event. Hosted today, the Apple Spring 2021 Event showcases huge updates for Apple TV, iMac, and

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